How to Sell Your Property

Would you be ready to move in 12 weeks? Selling your home is a life-changer. You think, is this really happening? Where do I begin? That’s why it’s a good idea to put a time-frame on your move. It gives you structure and control – as well as a reality check on what you need to do before your property goes on the market.

(This applies to investment properties too.) A reality check is the most valuable contribution we at OMD can make. You may have heard horror stories about agents stringing you along. Promising much, delivering little. When what you need, in times of uncertainty, is honesty, clarity and real effort. sales-sell-1So we will: Tell you the truth – including any bad news.

Keep you aware and involved in the process so you can make informed decisions Work hard and produce results rather than look busy Reduce the stress of selling every step of the way Increase your opportunity to get the best price because Best price is our unshakeable policy “If only I’d been told” Avoid 6 common bad experiences reported by sellers:

1. Failure to communicate

2. Money wasted with no result

3. Lower selling price than quoted

4. Working for the buyer

5. Sold but at a bargain price

6. Charging too much, delivering too little Call now for a Free Valuation.

Based on our experience and local knowledge, we can give you an estimate over the phone. But why not arrange a house call for a free and accurate valuation of your property. Even if you’re not planning a move right now, it’s well worth knowing. “We strive for excellence in ethics, honesty, diligence, education, and accountability in our service. We will personally bring home results. “ Why an agent, why this agent? “In the USA, people who sell with an agent make an average of 9% more than when they sell privately.” Why pay a fee when you could do it yourself? Well, even if you have the time, there are many details and complications you may not foresee.

First, you need an objective professional valuation so you set the right price. Then an informed decision on whether to sell privately or by auction. You’ll need a well-devised sales plan over a realistic time-frame, a plan which is adhered to and revised as the process develops. A trusted agent will advise you and give your sale the attention and exposure it needs in today’s difficult climate. OMD can guarantee you our full personal attention. Your viewings will not be handed to raw recruits who simply take names and see visitors in and out. All our viewings are by appointment only with our key negotiators who quickly recognize who the genuine buyers are.

What will a sale with OMD cost me? The whole process of selling will cost you nothing until your property is sold. No sale, no fee. Our commission depends on getting the best price possible within a reasonable timeframe, so obviously we are going to pull out all the stops to find the right buyer. sales-sell-2Marketing OMD sales board Generally recognized in all of our locations, our sales board in itself creates confidence in buyers.

OMD Website We take care of photography, floor plans, room descriptions, location maps – the full-color brochure on your property which is uploaded to our website. Property Sites Your property will also feature on, and other property portals.

What is my property worth now? Book a free valuation with OMD The Seller’s Guide

1. Get an accurate valuation An agent like OMD will discuss the market in your locality and offer a quick estimate over the phone. Better still, we just call by, look over your property and give you an accurate valuation free of charge or obligation. Knowing the area, its amenities and results for similar properties, we can then offer an honest appraisal and suggest a realistic price.

2. Decide how to sell – private treaty or auction We can advise you. Most sales are by private treaty whereby you put your house on the market at an agreed price with your agent who negotiates with buyers on your behalf. If there is special interest or rarity value in your property, it may be worth putting it up for auction.

3. Be seen We then develop a professional marketing plan for your property and ensure its visibility on the open market: For Sale boards, photography, ads and brochures on all the main property websites, social media and word of mouth – every means possible to get you the right price. Our own online database of buyers speeds up our match-making.

4. Prepare to succeed Do your own survey of your property to determine what improvements are needed. Make sure you get an unbiased opinion from someone you trust. We’ll be happy to advise you on what needs to be done, in terms of décor and clean-up. De-cluttering and inexpensive touch-ups can make all the difference to a sale.

5. Viewing is by appointment only and always confirmed with you. Our key negotiators conduct each viewing personally so you don’t need to be present. We give you lots of notice so you can ensure your property is looking its best. After each viewing, we will give you all the feedback.

6. How long does it take to sell a property today? Despite the recession and a very low-key market, most properties we sell are done and dusted in an average of 10 weeks. Although there are fewer buyers, those who show an interest are usually serious. And because sellers are waiting for the market to improve, there can be quite a shortage of the properties buyers want.

7. What happens when there’s an offer? If there’s a sufficiently interesting offer, we let you know in writing. There are no legal obligations until a contract is signed. As often as not, there will be a period of price negotiation which is our forte.

8. The legalitiessales-sell-3 You will need a solicitor to draw up a contract and complete the sale. There are various documents your solicitor will require. Title documents or leasehold title deeds, utility certificates and receipts, a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate and so on.

9. Sale agreed Once you accept a buyer’s offer, you agree what is to be included in the sale and settle on a completion date. The buyer’s solicitor checks all the documentation and the buyer pays a part of the deposit to OMD Estate Agents. This is refunded if the sale falls through before contracts are signed.

10. Contracts exchanged. The buyer signs the contract and it is then counter-signed by you. The buyer pays the balance of a 10% deposit.

11. Completion A completion date is arranged and the remainder of the money is paid to your solicitor’s account of whom will pay your bank and your legal fee. You then vacate the property and hand over the keys.


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