Letting Process

The landlord’s lot is not a happy one.  Agree or disagree?

If you agree, then clearly you need the help of people like us. Or perhaps this is your first letting ?  In that case you may well need guidance to optimize your returns and avoid the pitfalls.

Even when things are going swimmingly, you can from time to time feel swamped.

Imagine handing over all the hassle of finding suitable tenants, transferring utilities, chasing rent and checking out legal requirements.  Not having your weekend spoiled by the search for a plumber.  Or the sighting of a mouse.

OMD offer you a complete property management service to take care of all that. Even if you opt for our most basic lettings package, we’re happy to give you free advice above and beyond, should you need it.

Our basic Letting Service:

· We value your property for its rental potential so you set the right price

· Ensure your property isn’t empty for weeks

· Keep in touch until the property is let

· Handle viewings and vet potential tenants

· Take care to present your property in its best light

· Establish efficient friendly relations with tenants ensuring a smooth handover to you

· Clarify all aspects of the Residential Tenants Act 2004 and PRTB compliance

· Create full marketing exposure: via www.myhome.ie, www.daft.ie, www.omdestates.ie, and signs.

Property Management Service

Do you love playing hide and seek with tenants?

Maybe you like being called on Sunday morning to fix a washing machine.  Perhaps you relish the challenge of reading up on fire and safety regulations.  But if you have better things to do than chase after tenants or hide from them, why not put your property in the hands of professionals you can trust.  Our personal experience means we understand the concerns of both landlord and tenant and can pre-empt many of the problems that may arise.

Our property management service includes:

Collecting rent/arranging direct debits
Responding to tenant queries
Seeing to maintenance and repairs
Inspecting and reporting to you
Managing changeovers
Transfer of utilities
Advising on return of deposits

Letting Guide

1. Rental valuation. 

Ask for a free property evaluation – we will give you a ready estimate of what you should be able to charge.

2. Check the legalities

Before you rent your property, check if you need permission from your mortgage provider.  Check your insurance cover and make sure you understand your legal obligations such as registration with the Private Residential Tenancy Board (PRTB) and compliance with safety regulations – gas, electricity, fire and furnishings.  If you need advice or clarification, we are here to help.

3. Why appoint a letting agent?

If you don’t have the time to handle it all yourself, talk to a letting agent like OMD.

We are flexible and we can agree a personal service to match your needs.  It can range from finding and vetting tenants to full property management.

4 Prepare to be seen

With so many rental properties on the market, it pays to focus on presentation.  Thorough cleaning, a paint job, good lighting, bright simple furnishings – it doesn’t need to cost much but should suggest you care about your property. (If you don’t why should a tenant? ) We can advise on letting furnished or unfurnished and what standards apply.

5 Showtime

Now your property is ready for screening on all the best websites – including ours. We fast-track the process by matching rentals with potential tenants online.

6. Viewing

This is where we’re worth it!  We handle all the appointments and disappointments, until we have a shortlist of suitable candidates, all references checked. 

7. The deposit.

When you’ve chosen your preferred tenant, a deposit of one month’s rent and one month’s rent in advance normally applies. The deposit is returned at the end of the tenancy, subject to the property’s condition.

8. The lease.

A year’s contract is the norm.  A signed agreement may include names, details of the address, monthly rent, date due, deposit paid.  There may be an inventory of contents too.

9. Utilities

The tenant usually takes over the payment for utilities – we can facilitate the transfer and set up standing orders.

10.  Tenant moves in.

Keys are handed over and hopefully, everyone lives happily ever after.

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