Renting Process

“If you’re looking to rent, you want the most current ads – it’s really irritating when what’s up there is already taken. You want the advertised property details to be accurate, so not calling a single bedroom a double just by sticking a double bed in it. You want a concise but understandable breakdown of all the bills and costs. What’s included and what’s not. It’s nice to be able to meet the previous occupant but if that’s not possible, an unbiased statement by the previous tenant is really helpful. Contactable and helpful landlord or letting agent. Lots of pictures of the property, both inside and outside. A linked map (google maps) + list of nearest bus/train/supermarket/hospital…”

John Collett

Cut to the chase

At OMD we listen to what tenants have to say and we try to incorporate their views into how we present our service.  We hope that by navigating our website first, you’ll find it far quicker and easier to locate the best place to live.  Apart from saving you a trek around unsuitable properties, we can help you prep the paperwork and avoid any pitfalls.  (Check out our Rental Guide)

Do’s & don’ts

Before you pay a deposit make sure your Estate Agent is fully licensed
Ask if the deposit is refundable.
Don’t offer to pay cash at a viewing
Always ask for a receipt.
Ask if your tenancy will be registered with PRTB.
Make sure the property on inspection is as advertised.
Ensure a valid BER certificate (Building Energy Rating) is available. This reflects what your energy bills may be.
Be prepared with the paperwork

Your check list:

References:Previous landlords, employer, bank or guarantor

ID:Passport/Driving license/Gardai ID


Rental Guide

How do I find good accommodation in Dublin?

Check out the online sites like or  Save time with a more focussed search by registering with Detail your preferences so we can help you shortlist properties that match up.  No more runarounds!

How long does it take?

That depends on how fast you want to move.  Good accommodation is usually snapped up.  We help you get organised and fill you in on location, amenities, transport, property features and facilities, plus all the finicky details of renting. 

What finicky details?

Referencesfrom your employer, bank, previous landlord or guarantor if you’re a student, so the landlord knows you can pay rent and are a reliable tenant.  Get them together before you start looking so you’re ready to pounce.

The deposit.  This is to secure the tenancy and is usually one month’s rent, payable in advance with the first month’s rent. The security deposit is refundable when you move out, subject to your leaving the property as you found it.  Within reason.

Rental agreement.  An agreement is drawn up and signed by landlord and tenant, detailing address, monthly rental, date due, deposit paid, date and duration of tenancy (most usually 12 months).  If you leave sooner, you may be liable for the rent.

The inventory. A list of everything the landlord owns that you agree to cherish or replace.

Utilities.  Unless otherwise agreed, when you move in you take over the gas, ESB, landline, TV and any other utility at your disposal.  If you want, we arrange the transfer of utilities to your name and set up your standing order.

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